04 Jun

The Resurgence of the Wet Bar

Domestic Bar in a home

From creation to concept, we love to make homeowner’s dreams come true, and it seems that many of our valued clients are interested in having a wet bar installed in their home. Having gained notoriety more than 50 years ago as a cocktail station during entertainment engagements, it seems that the wet bar is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. However, there are more style options and uses for wet bars than just a place to make a drink. They present an opportunity to express your personal style and can be utilized for a variety of functions.

The Modern Wet Bar

Back in its heyday wet bars were typically free standing table-like consoles near the kitchen or dining areas that sat upon a shag rug with a couple of bar stools. Today, many homeowners opt for built in installations within their master suite, theater rooms, basements and even outdoors. Much more than a flat surface to hold beer, wine, and liquor decanters, these modern beauties often contain touch-less faucets, temperature controlled wine storage, built-in cabinets, and innovative ice machines.

Multiple Uses for Wet Bars

If you opt for a free-standing wet bar, you can utilize it for multiple purposes. Imagine having a separate place for the kids to eat during dinner parties or utilizing the space to lay out a second buffet. Take the current architecture of your home into mind when planning a wet bar installation. Do you have an unused corner or closet? If so, you can easily transition it into a wet bar with a little help from a knowledgeable contractor.

Consider a Hide-a-way Wet Bar

Do you want to see it when you need it and then tuck it away? You can make your wet bar a hidden gem by using sliding mirrored doors or closing cabinet style panels that mask its appearance at any time. Using mirrors can actually make your room space feel larger, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Considering Installing a Wet Bar?

If you want to revamp your home and update your contemporary style with an innovative wet bar, contact us at Concept to Creation home design in Cedar Falls today, and let us make your wet bar dreams a reality. From your concept, we can create your reality and give you a wet bar space that satisfies your thirst for an attractive entertainment space for the entire family.


04 Apr

Save or Splurge? Where to Invest In Your Next Home Project

If you’re deciding on a general contractor in cedar falls for a custom home construction or just want to remodel your current abode, smart planning can mean the difference between success and project disappointment. You might be asking yourself, “Should I splurge or be modest and try to save some cash?” Here at Concept to Creation, our expert home builders and remodeling teams understand that the answer to that question depends on your ultimate goals.

Custom Homes vs. Real Estate Investment Strategies

If you’re custom building a family home for life, your goals may differ from a current homeowner looking to sell and get a good return on investment (ROI) with projects. Those who are building their dream home from the ground up, should go for the gusto. After all, this is where you and future relatives will spend quite a bit of time. However, if you’re an investor or current homeowner looking to sell soon, you’ll want to pay attention to these valuable tips concerning which improvement projects can offer maximum personal and financial benefits.

Worthwhile Home Improvement Projects to Consider Splurging On

1. Basic Home Maintenance: According to various statistics reported in Remodeling Magazine, homeowners are more likely to see a greater ROI in basic home maintenance than intensive upgrade projects. Basic maintenance projects including roofing, siding, and quality windows actually seem to be more important to potential buyers than lavish custom remodels, with returns ranging from 80-92 percent. Refurbishing installed woodwork and adding fresh paint cost very little, but can go a long way in the comfort and appeal of your home.

2. Kitchen Remodeling: Still the reigning champion of ROI, kitchen upgrades can make improve cooking and dining experiences while helping to maintain the resale value of your home. When approached economically, kitchen upgrades can see resale investment returns of over 90 percent according to experts. Granite countertops, installing extra storage space, and refurbishing wood cabinetry are the most cost-efficient requests our team receives.

3. Flooring Updates: Those wanting to take their homes to the next level of comfort, often ask our general contractor in Cedar Falls for flooring installations. Carpeting rarely adds to the value of your home, but ceramic tiles and Eco-friendly bamboo flooring certainly can. Easy to maintain and clean, these flooring options can bring decades of enjoyment.

Renovations and Updates to Think Twice About

The best advice we have for you is to avoid novelty restorations and improvements like swimming pools, aquariums, and smart home applications. While popular and exceptional home features, you’re not likely to reap the most rewards from them. Consider the expenses and time consumption involved in pool or aquarium maintenance, which in just a few years can cost more than the entire installation. Buyers often are turned off by high-maintenance upgrades,just as you might in a few years. Smart homes are convenient, yet those shiny ‘new toys’ tend to become outdated in just a few years, so think twice before making this type of upgrade.

Are You Ready to Realize Your Dream Home?

Whether you want to build your custom dream home or just want solid advice on beneficial upgrades that our Concept to Creation team can make a reality, so contact us today!

24 Mar

Giving Your Bathroom a Modernist Remodel









As spring approaches, it’s a great time to consider a bit of home remodeling in Cedar Falls, and what better place to begin than the bathroom? Current bathroom design trends are leaning towards the modernist approach, which entails creating a clean, simplistic, functional space in primarily neutral tones that are fresh and inviting. Here are five modernist bathroom remodeling ideas to consider incorporating in your plans.

Ceramic Vessel Sinks

Ditch the dated look of traditional sunken sinks and go modern with elegant free-standing ceramic vessel sinks that sit atop the vanity. Available in options ranging from clear glass to ornately decorated designs, vessel sinks are all the rage within current bathroom design in Iowa. These modern designs also allow greater versatility when you choose your hardware, so if you’ve always wanted a wall-mounted or waterfall faucet, this is a must-have update.

Modernist Bathroom Flooring

If you’ve been holding on to outdated vinyl squares, tired ceramic tiles, or wooden flooring it’s time to put your feet onto something new. Ceramic or porcelain tile that resembles hardwood is a great way to get a wood floor look without using actual hardwoods which can be susceptible to water damage in full baths.  If you insist on ceramic tiles, consider installing large tiles in clean, neutral colors. However, if you’re wanting a modern, Eco-friendly options, consider the beauty of natural bamboo flooring.  

Lighting Options for the Modern Bath

Traditional lighting strips above vanity mirrors are a sure sign that your bathroom deserves an update. Recessed lighting and elegant sconce designs are all the rage in modernist bathrooms, as are skylights to add natural lighting and add interest to the room. Use LED or compact fluorescent bulbs to reduce unwanted heat production and lower energy bills.

Curbless Shower Installations

The most popular bathroom modernist trend is the installation of curbless showers. Also known as no-entry showers, these streamlined bathing areas are not only typically more spacious than traditional showers, but they can be fully customized to create a luxurious experience for users. If you have space to spare or are willing to sacrifice that outdated tub, you could install customized seating, multiple shower heads, and even steam options in a curbless shower. You’ll also have the option of having a completely open shower or glass door enclosures with this type of home remodeling in Cedar Falls.

Mirroring the Modern Look

Wall-to-wall mirrors behind your vanity or a floor-to-ceiling mirror anywhere in your bathroom complements the modernist look, especially if you opt for neutral colors. Your room will appear bigger, allow you to get the head-to-toe view of yourself, and quickly adds an elegant touch. Say goodbye to those prehistoric over-the-door hangers or unframed mirrors and go modern with this affordable option.

Enjoy a Modernist Bathroom From Concept to Creation

From Concept to Creation, we can make your dream home remodeling in Cedar Falls a reality. Call us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our professional home design team.

01 Feb

5 Advantages of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring

If you’re considering updating your home design in Iowa, you might be considering a new flooring installation project. While there are seemingly limitless flooring materials to make your spaces distinctively yours, there are several reasons for you to consider installing bamboo flooring. Beautiful, durable, and easy to install and maintain, it’s no surprise that Eco-friendly bamboo is growing in popularity around the globe.

1. Bamboo is a Renewable Resource

Hardwood enthusiasts are recognizing the toll these materials are taking on the planet due to the fact that it takes a tremendous time reforest after harvest. Eco-friendly bamboo, however, provides a very similar appearance to hardwoods.   It grows and regenerates quickly and abundantly both here and abroad. Leftover shoots and leaves from harvested bamboo can also be used to feed livestock, making this flooring a conservationist dream.

2. Ease of Installation and Maintenance

While many still opt to install sub-flooring and utilize face-nailing techniques, bamboo can also be installed as a ‘floating floor’ that requires no adhesives. Using this method, the average homeowner can successfully install bamboo flooring with minimal time and tools. Maintaining these resilient, durable floors is a breeze even in highly trafficked areas. No special solutions or polishing is required, and bamboo floors require less frequent refinishing than most other surfaces.

3. Bamboo is Affordable

This flooring is available in various grades, material percentages, and finishes. Exotic bamboos, imported materials, and specialty finishes will require a greater initial investment than those of lesser grades. However, you can also save money with the self-installation option. Some types of bamboo flooring even come with a generous 50 year warranty, which means you won’t likely be facing replacement costs any time soon. It beckons one to ask themselves whether they can afford NOT to opt for bamboo as a part of their home design in Iowa.

4. Versatility and Style Points

From concept to creation, style and versatility are essential, and that’s what bamboo flooring offers homeowners. While bamboo traditionally features light hues, it can be stained and tinted to complement any decor. Other style options include matte, semi-gloss, and high gloss finishes to enhance the beauty of bamboo flooring. Essentially, bamboo allows you custom tailor the look of your floor, making it ideal for those seeking versatility and style.

5. Strength and Durability

Historically, bamboo has been utilized in several Asiatic countries as industrial scaffolding, indicating its natural resiliency. This remarkable lightweight material has the ability to carry tremendous amounts of weight and is considered virtually unbreakable, making it a superior flooring surface for any area of the home including kitchens and bathrooms.

Bamboo flooring’s vast benefits and beautiful appearance are quickly making it one of the most widely sought out materials to complement homes today. Adaptable, durable, beautiful, cost-effective, and Eco-friendly — why would you choose anything else to complement your modern home design in Iowa?

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