24 Mar

Giving Your Bathroom a Modernist Remodel









As spring approaches, it’s a great time to consider a bit of home remodeling in Cedar Falls, and what better place to begin than the bathroom? Current bathroom design trends are leaning towards the modernist approach, which entails creating a clean, simplistic, functional space in primarily neutral tones that are fresh and inviting. Here are five modernist bathroom remodeling ideas to consider incorporating in your plans.

Ceramic Vessel Sinks

Ditch the dated look of traditional sunken sinks and go modern with elegant free-standing ceramic vessel sinks that sit atop the vanity. Available in options ranging from clear glass to ornately decorated designs, vessel sinks are all the rage within current bathroom design in Iowa. These modern designs also allow greater versatility when you choose your hardware, so if you’ve always wanted a wall-mounted or waterfall faucet, this is a must-have update.

Modernist Bathroom Flooring

If you’ve been holding on to outdated vinyl squares, tired ceramic tiles, or wooden flooring it’s time to put your feet onto something new. Ceramic or porcelain tile that resembles hardwood is a great way to get a wood floor look without using actual hardwoods which can be susceptible to water damage in full baths.  If you insist on ceramic tiles, consider installing large tiles in clean, neutral colors. However, if you’re wanting a modern, Eco-friendly options, consider the beauty of natural bamboo flooring.  

Lighting Options for the Modern Bath

Traditional lighting strips above vanity mirrors are a sure sign that your bathroom deserves an update. Recessed lighting and elegant sconce designs are all the rage in modernist bathrooms, as are skylights to add natural lighting and add interest to the room. Use LED or compact fluorescent bulbs to reduce unwanted heat production and lower energy bills.

Curbless Shower Installations

The most popular bathroom modernist trend is the installation of curbless showers. Also known as no-entry showers, these streamlined bathing areas are not only typically more spacious than traditional showers, but they can be fully customized to create a luxurious experience for users. If you have space to spare or are willing to sacrifice that outdated tub, you could install customized seating, multiple shower heads, and even steam options in a curbless shower. You’ll also have the option of having a completely open shower or glass door enclosures with this type of home remodeling in Cedar Falls.

Mirroring the Modern Look

Wall-to-wall mirrors behind your vanity or a floor-to-ceiling mirror anywhere in your bathroom complements the modernist look, especially if you opt for neutral colors. Your room will appear bigger, allow you to get the head-to-toe view of yourself, and quickly adds an elegant touch. Say goodbye to those prehistoric over-the-door hangers or unframed mirrors and go modern with this affordable option.

Enjoy a Modernist Bathroom From Concept to Creation

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